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Take The Platelet Pledge

Platelet donor Dennis Magnuson

Dennis Magnuson did! He donates every other week.

Platelets are viable for only 5 days so there is always a great need for platelet donors. By taking the pledge you give hope to traumatic injury, cancer and cardiac patients, whose lives depend on it.

What is the Platelet Pledge?

It's very simple! Commit to donating platelets at least two times every quarter throughout the year. By taking the pledge and enrolling in the program you will earn bonus points.

You can do more! Pledge 4 to 6 times in a quarter and save even more lives. Because your body makes new platelets so quickly, platelet donors can donate every two weeks.

The more you donate the more points you earn!

See how many points you can accumulate!

Where do you redeem these points? On the Donors 4 Life online store.

Donors who have donated platelets in the last two years can login and take the pledge.

If you have not donated platelets and would like to take the platelet pledge, please visit Hoag Blood Donor Services to find out if you qualify.

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