Donate Right For Your Blood Type

Hoag Blood Donor services is now recommending the most effective blood component donation for each donor, based on blood type and current patient need.

As more and more of our blood donors are giving more often, the supply of red blood cell donations has improved. As a result, Hoag Blood Donor Services is now working to improve the supply of other blood components, specifically platelets and plasma. At the same time, Hoag is also working to manage its red cell inventory by collecting a consistent amount in each type.

So the next time you come to a Hoag Blood Donor Services, you may be asked to change your typical whole blood donation to a platelet/plasma donation. Platelets, in particular, have a lifespan of only five days, so these products are always needed.

If you are asked to make a different type of donation, it means that there are hospital patients that have a specific need for these components in your blood type. It may also mean that Hoag Blood Donor Services has an adequate supply of red cells in your blood type, but is critically low in other blood components that you can give.

In addition, there may be times when you are planning to make a double red cell donation, but are asked instead to make a whole blood donation. That means that the supply in your blood type is not critically low, and that we want to invite you back in 8 weeks, instead of 16, when your blood type will be needed again.

During the summer months or around the holidays, we may also ask you to give double red cells instead of whole blood because we are seeing the blood supply begin to decline in your type.

Regardless of the type of donation you make, Hoag Blood Donor Services staff appreciates every blood donor who comes through our doors. Also, because we respect your efforts as a donor, we are now partnering more closely with you to ensure that your donation is the most effective blood component for the patient at the exact moment of need.

If you have questions about donating various blood components at various times, please call 1-888-538-6199 or email