Blood Drive Organizers' FAQs On The Partners 4 Life Program

What is the Partners 4 Life Program?

It is a Blood Drive Organizers recognition program whereby points are accumulated for each blood donation made and for the number of blood drives you sponsor during the year.

Blood Drive Organizers accumulate points for every successful donation at their drive. Points can be redeemed on the Hoag Blood Donor Services On-line Store. Organizers are encouraged to share store items with their blood drive committee members or with donors at their next drive. They make great raffle prizes!

Blood drive points system

Blood Drive Organizers earn 10 points per successful donation at their drive.

*Bonus Points: Total points are doubled if coordinator meets or exceeds goal.

Example: ABC company is hosting a drive with a goal of 30 donations. They collect 35 pints, 5 donations over their goal. They receive 350 points for total donations collected (35 donations x 10 points/donation). Plus, they receive an additional 350 bonus points (double the total points) for meeting and exceeding their goal. Total points awarded: 700

How do I redeem my points?

It's easy, just call 888-538-6199 to place your store order.

Why do you want a committee to help me coordinate the blood drive?

We have discovered over the years that the most successful blood drives are coordinated by committees, who help spread the word and educate donors.

What is the time period for receiving recognition through the Partners 4 Life Program?

The program will run on a calendar year, starting January 1.

Some of my donors go to the Hoag Blood Donor Services Center to donate; will I get credit for their donations?

Yes, if the donation is made seven days prior or seven days after your drive.

Can my donor & group points be combined?

No, these are separate programs. You will be able to redeem items from the appropriate store for your points. Many of the same items are available on both stores.

Will my points expire?

Yes, after 13 months of inactivity.

What if the Hoag Blood Donor Services cancels a blood drive (i.e. mechanical issues), will I still get my points & credit for the drive?

We apologize for this rare inconvenience; however, in order to earn points, you must actually host a drive. Your Account Marketing Manager will work with you to reschedule your drive as soon as possible.

How will the goals for the drive be established?

The goals will be established and agreed upon by you and your Account Marketing Manager.

Will I get credit for the number of employees who show up to donate, even if they don't complete the process?

Your goals are established based on the actual number of units collected, so you will only get points for successful donations. You can help avoid deferrals by encouraging your donors to eat a good meal and drink plenty of fluids. You should also educate them about the donor requirements.

What if your staff turns away donors because they are too busy?

If you exceed the number of sign-ups prior to your drive, please work with your Account Marketing Manager to see how you can accommodate the additional donors. If we aren't able to accommodate all donors on the day of the drive, please work with the blood drive staff to redirect donors to one of our centers or other mobile drives.

What are critical dates?

These are dates established by the blood bank because they occur during a time when the blood supply typically decreases to dangerously low levels (i.e. holidays, days around holidays, etc.)

My company will not let me accept gifts, what can I do with my points?

The Online Store will have items that can be purchased for use at future drives (i.e. food items, etc.) or the points can be donated back to Hoag Blood Donor Services.